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Sally’s Silly Small Step System

We all have things we want done. We just don’t get started, because we think we have to “find a day to do that task.”


Sally’s Silly Small Step System addresses this dilemma. And it works!  It is exactly as stated — small, often-timed steps to start and finish the things we put off.  In most cases the task is finished in less time than we have put into fretting over doing it.  


Sally Rash has incorporated the system into her daily life.  Inside this book, readers will learn how they also can accomplish most tasks through her “Silly Small Step System."

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I can’t say my life has all changed by reading your book, however, it is beginning to.  I am now prioritizing, slowly dropping non-productive committees and making lists with real time frames not ‘guesstimates’. Thank you, my days are already more calm, worry free and I have a real smile on my face.  


Thank you again!!

     — Sandy Zinn


“Do the difficult things while they are easy, and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”


             —Lao Tzu

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I bought Sally's book at her book signing on Bay Street in Florence, OR. I couldn't have imagined how often I would apply those lessons to my everyday tasks—housework, yard chores, sewing projects, correspondence, deadlines, etc. The list is long.


Approaching large or even dreaded projects by breaking them down into smaller tasks and pushing myself to take that first step makes all the difference.  More gets done and I worry less about putting it off till later. I truly appreciate this little book and its big lessons so much. 


   Thank you, Sally! 

          Brenda Hull,

            (A friend and a fan)